Do you have a high-end sense of design, but you’re really working with a less than grandeur budget? It has always been a hobby of mine to get out and see the latest trends going on in the furniture world. I love to see the new spin on what’s old is new again and how fashion meets furniture and accessories. It’s also great to see how something is given a new purpose other than how it was originally intended to be used. If you are into interiors and décor, it’s nothing like the energy at a bustling flea market. There are tons of items from furniture to rugs to jewelry to artwork and more that will have your attention from beginning to end. If you are really lucky, you may even catch a good food truck or two.(That’s the self-proclaimed foodie in me!)

     A great tip would be to visit flea markets for fabulous finds. You never know what you may discover and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There are a variety of furniture, mirrors, lighting fixtures and found objects to make a significant design impact on a room. Make your purchases and get to work! Creating remarkable rooms are all in the details. This is what adds character, charm and leaves people talking about your home. Find pieces that you love and revitalize them with paint, fabric or new hardware. Spice up an area by mounting a found object. Be sure to get to the market early so you can browse the good stuff before it’s gone. I love to watch design shows and browse magazines for inspiration, but it’s nothing like making something fit your personal style. Make it you!

Another avenue to snag statement pieces or deals on your furniture and décor is to find out about current sales or promotions. Now, everybody loves a good sale. It is especially advantageous to look for furniture and home items around big holidays because you have a better chance to walk away with a great bargain. Once you have your items, don’t go crazy with putting everything together. The last thing you want to do is just make clutter of your finds. Instead you want to add flavor to your space the right way. For more insider tips and ideas, browse my Facebook-Andrea Gary Interiors, LLC or Instagram-@andreagarytinteriors featuring ways to include your fab finds with flavor!

Written by andrea gary

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