Let the dinner parties and gatherings commence. There is nothing like fall in DC. The season brings an early morning chill and crisp air as you partake in the massive traffic congestion during your rush hour commute. You experience the changing of the leaves while venturing out to the assortment of trendy restaurants. Unfortunately, your dream of the local football team having a significant chance at getting to the Super Bowl dwindles. That is all good as long as they beat Dallas! Most importantly, family members you may not have seen in some time are coming to visit for the holidays. Inevitably, it’s time for your home to be whipped into shape with style by adding flavor to your space. Here are 3 major ways to make sure your home is styled, staged right and ready for the arrival of your friends and family.

Change furniture arrangements westelm chair option

For a fresh look try changing up the layout of your space. Begin with what you already have by taking inventory of the existing furniture items throughout your home. You can simply move pieces from other areas. Mix and match items to add your personality. Think about adding that reading chair from one room to another location. Liven it up with a soft and cozy throw or decorative pillow.

Add seasonal accents westelm pumpkin

Incorporate items that make a space feel comfortable yet lively. You can use candles, found objects, and artwork of motifs symbolizing fall. Take hints from nature. The leaves are red, orange, yellow and brown. Pops of one or two of these colors can be sprinkled throughout your home in picture frames, towels, and soap.

Serve your dish in something nice anthropologie dinnerware

It’s so easy to use a foil pan from the grocery store, but we can elevate our sophistication barometer every now and then. There are many options when it comes to stylish dinnerware and serving dishes without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect place to make a statement and add some oomph to your table setting or spread.

I hope you are able to create many lasting memories this season in style. Comment below on the types of items you plan to use to spice up your place for your guests! I’d love to hear your ideas too. Visit my website contact page and complete the form for me to help get your place or tablescape in shape for entertaining the right way.




Written by andrea gary

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